Maintain Your Brand's Integrity

Corporate Clothier helps medium and large size businesses maintain the integrity of their brand identity through branded merchandise.

We offer branded online stores to bring all of your promotional products under one central ecosystem.

With decades of experience in merchandising and logisitics, we work to make sure you have the very best representation for your brand.

What We Do
We manage your company store from start to finish.
No two brands are the same. We work with you to determine the products that work best for your brand and your budget. We also offer in-stock or on-demand options depending on your needs.
secure site
Secure, Mobile Friendly Site
We use a robust platform that provides everything a company store could need, including various customer types, pricing options, logo options, discount options, and more.
Warehousing & Fulfillment
Most businesses do not have the capacity to handle the logistics of their promotional products in-house. We have ample warehouse space with trained staff, and every order is triple checked for accuracy.
Friendly Support Staff
Your staff will have questions.  Our staff will have answers.  We will be available to your staff by phone or email, and correspondence is always handled with a smile
We work with our clients to provide marketing materials such as flyers and emails to ensure your store is a success with your employees or members.
Full Accounting & Reporting
We handle all the order processing and accounting of your store, then deliver monthly reports so you know the success of your store.
Continuous Planning
We work with you consistently to refine your offering to better serve your brand, employees, and members.
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